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The purpose of the Senior Tar Heel Legislature (STHL) is to advise and inform the NC General Assembly regarding issues impacting the lives of persons aged 60 and over in NC. The delegates and alternates of the STHL work to advocate for seniors to improve the quality of life. STHL priorities are established annually and are used to advocate throughout our counties and before the North Carolina General Assembly.

Senior Tar Heels attend an orientation training, regional meetings and state Tar Heel meetings, become knowledgeable about needs of older adults in their respective counties, and advocate with local and state public officials on behalf of older adults.

Mid-Carolina Senior Tar Heel Legislature Delegates

Harnett County - Pat Dutton, Primary Delegate & Susan Byerly, Alternate Delegate

Cumberland County - Eleanor Hairr, Primary Delegate & Jackie Warner, Alternate Delegate

Sampson County - Russell "Pat" Jones, Primary Delegate & Mary Jones, Alternate Delegate


For more information contact Tracy Honeycutt. MCCOG Team Member, at (910) 323-4191 ext27.  Click here to email Tracy.

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