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Fitness Raffle

Deadline for score submission: 4/22/21

Report your activity and be entered into a drawing for a custom Mid-Carolina Senior Games Tumbler! Drawings will occur during your State Finals event Zoom meeting and winners will receive their Tumbler via USPS. You do not have to be present in the Zoom meeting to win.


Who: Mid-Carolina Senior Games Registered Participants
When: April 1-22
How: Complete your fitness activities and report them. Each day that you participate in a fitness activity gives you another entry in the raffle!


  1. Complete your fitness activities...those you do anyway or additional ones to increase your raffle chances! Examples of physical fitness activities are: running, walking, aerobics, stretching, yoga, resistance training, practicing for your Senior Games event.                        **SilverArtists may also include time spent creating their art, i.e. a person entered in sculpture can include time spent doing sculpture; a person entered in drawing or painting can include time doing those activities; same for all other SilverArts categories.

  2.  Keep track of your fitness each day and submit one entry for each day you complete fitness activities.

  3. Enter the Google Form and log in your name, the date, the type of fitness activity you did and the number of minutes.  Example: 45 minutes of swimming and 15 minutes of yoga in one day would be entered this way:


September 2
Fitness activit(ies)-swimming, yoga
Minutes: 60


Two (2) names will be drawn from all reported fitness activities during each award ceremony.

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